About LANmaster Inc.

A Few Words About LANmaster Inc.

Welcome to LANmaster Inc. Calgary & Area IT (Information Technology) and Telecom Communication Specialists. We are professional IT consultants with a proven track record in the SMB (Small to Medium Size Business) market in and around the Calgary region.

Just like our services, it’s easy to get to know who LANmaster Inc. really is. We’re a team of qualified professionals who make it our priority to ensure your business has all the necessary tools in place to succeed. Our goal is to help your business run effectively. That means having equipment that works and support you can count on. The more successful you are, the more successful we are. That’s why we offer you great services in a language you can understand.

We take pride in providing tailored IT and Telecom solutions to our partners. We believe in the “measure twice, cut once approach”. This approach allows us to deliver outstanding solutions at a reasonable price. Throughout the years, we have developed strong partnerships with our customers and because of the dedication and personal approach given to each and every one of them we are pleased to offer testimonials & references from them.

LANmaster Inc. is dedicated to delivering the support you need. And we do so in a way that saves you time and money – which is always good for business. We’re proud of our accomplishments, and will continue providing our customers with leading technology and excellent service. So ask yourself “What can LANmaster do for my business?”

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LANmaster Inc. Key Team Members

Cedric Desgagne, President and Director of Managed IT Services

Doug Claxton, Enterprise IT Virtualization Specialist, Data Security, Microsoft Solutions Expert

Troy Topp, Senior IT Project Manager

Lindsay Boulanger, Enterprise Cisco Unified Communication and VOIP Specialist

Brent Barr, Enterprise Cisco Networking Specialist

Nawar Matti, Enterprise Data Security Specialist, Data Delivery Systems Professional,

Dave C, Senior Enterprise Architect, Senior IT Project Manager

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