LANmaster Inc. - Fixed Price (Managed) IT Services

Why Choose Fixed Price IT Services?

2 simple answers:

  1. All-inclusive IT Support Plans
  2. Flat-rate monthly costs that you can budget and control

By choosing to pro-actively manage your computer network, you are avoiding lost productivity that can be caused by downtime or poor system performance!

By choosing LANmaster Inc. Fixed Price Managed Services you are choosing to seek ongoing monitoring of your office computers, laptops and servers. Though our use of industry leading software, LANmaster Inc. can remotely manage your network, perform maintenance and much more!

Versus the traditional IT model of “Break/Fix” you are providing yourself with piece of mind knowing that your network is always being monitored and protected!

Some of the services included in our Fixed Price IT are the following:

Daily Health and Safety Checks

  • Management Software provides visibility, performance and manageability
  • Proactive backup monitoring and backup integrity verification
  • Proactive Log and Virus monitoring
  • Daily review of machine security and event logs
  • Integrated reporting
  • Virus Definitions management
  • Hacker check

Critical Routine Maintenance

  • Microsoft Updates and Patch Management
  • 3rd party application updates
  • Hardware platform updates
  • Desktop optimization – Disk Defragmentation, Temp Files Cleanup, Registry Cleanups

Application & web site blocking

  • Prohibit certain computers from running non-business applications
  • Website blocking by category, company inclusive, with OpenDNS

Some of the service parameters that we cover for you are:

  • Security
  • Network Strategy
  • Hardware
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • End-User Support
  • Business Review

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