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So What Is Unified Communications?

All businesses rely on voice communications in some way. That is just a fact. But the question most businesses do not ask themselves and that you must ask is “how reliable and secure is my existing phone system”?

At LANmaster Inc. we know that a reliable and secure phone system increases your productivity, mobility and helps control your telecommunication usage while providing users with unmatched features and services.

By unifying your communications we are helping provide you with a phone solution that is essential to your businesses success! Did you know that you can even increase your productivity by merging your office phone with your laptop!

At LANmaster Inc. we help you use VoIP to accomplish this vision of unified communication system. We can customize any system configuration to meet your specific business needs. So whether you are a retail store, a law office, a dental office or a large oil and gas firm, we understand your business and want to help provide you with the tools to enhance your day-to-day productivity and improve your overall customer experience.

Some of the highlights of our Unified Communications Services are:

  • 8 voice message mailboxes (plus general delivery mailboxes option)
  • Multiple party conferencing (up to 6 participants)
  • Auto Attendant to assist routing customer calls
  • Call Detail Record, hunt group, intercom, hours and schedules office closure
  • Fax receiving and triage capable
  • Call recording feature
  • Voicemail to email
  • Includes all hardware, software, professional setup time by our certified technicians
  • Cisco UC560 or 1900 series Integrated Service Router
  • PoE capable 24 ports switch, within a small rack unit to store equipment
  • Professional looking and voice quality desk and conference phones
  • 4 VPN and softphone licenses

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