Why Choose LANmaster Inc.

What Can LANmaster Inc. Do For Your Business?

How many times have you had to call tech support for the same service problem, only to get billed every time? Not only does this cost extra money, but valuable time too.

With LANmaster Inc. remote monitoring software, each and every computer on your network, whether you own 10 or 250, will be set-up to receive our instant support. In fact our system informs us about issues with your network (or individual computers) before you even notice an issue! That way we can pro-actively handle almost any situation that can arise!

So stop waiting for your IT guy to show up, and start discovering how easy it is to work with LANmaster.

The best way to think of LANmaster Inc. is like a utility provider. Like electricity or power, you expect these services to be up and running each and every time you walk into your office. Your computer equipment should be no different. Working with LANmaster is like having your own personal, fully managed IT support team 24/7 – 365, all for one low monthly payment. Now you can sit back and let us take care of everything IT in your business. It really is that simple.

Our clients are looking to work with trustworthy, competent, technology advisors who can help them be more productive, they also want us to help them make technology decisions not just for the “right now” but to meet their future needs.

So whether you are in Oil & Gas, Engineering, Finance, Legal, Health, Dental or even a private Golf Course, LANmaster is the answer to your computer network problems. Whether you’re looking for new software or need technical support, we provide everything you could want – so that running your business can be your only business. Choose from one of our LANmaster Solutions Packages, and leave the rest to us.

Since the beginning of LANmaster,
we have always stood by the principle of making “IT” right as IT should be.

We don’t like to see messy wiring closet, non-maintained servers and workstation assets as well as unprotected (insecure) networks, poorly managed software licenses and exploitative support contracts.

We strongly believe that a healthy and well managed Information Technology infrastructure and thoroughly documented processes improve your day to day productivity, reduces your downtime, mitigates risk and secures your business and related agents.

So let our services and expertise will help
YOU focus on YOUR business
while WE focus on YOUR IT!

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